Here we are providing basic tutorial on how to install WordPress on your own hosting.


Before installing WordPress on your hosting, you must be having a hosting and a domain for that hosting. For free hosting, you can visit or

Download wordpress

You can download WordPress from

Upload the WordPress files on your hosting

Once you have a hosting and domain, you will be given FTP (File transfer protocol) details. These details must be used to upload WordPress files using a FTP client like Filezilla or WinSCP.

Opening the website on browser and further installing

After all above steps are done, website must be opened on browser for further installations. Website on loading will somewhat look like this -


Select language and then click on Continue


Now create a database in your hosting as on clicking Let's go, you will be asked information regarding the database as shown below -


If all information provided by you is correct, the following screen will appear, Click on Run the install.


After that you will be asked to set a title for your site, and a username and a password for admin login in future on your website. After setting all this up, below screen will open -


Now after logging in, you will be directed to dashboard of WordPress package installed on your hosting, that looks like -


Congratulations! WordPress has been installed.